Visiting Mares

Visiting Mares are welcome to resident Stallions for Natural Covering and Artificial Insemination.

We have a dedicated team of experienced professionals working with us to deliver the best possible results

for you and your Mare. 

Mare Services and Fees

Grass Livery includes grazing paddocks fenced suitably with post and rail. A fresh water supply, adequate shelter from adverse weather (natural and/or shelters) and professional supervision.

Stabled Livery Includes well lit, well ventilated stable in indoor barn with electric water drinker, ad lib hay/haylage, woodchip shavings, turnout, bringing in, hard feed (Stud Balancer) and professional care.

Farrier, veterinary, worming and exercise are not included and will be billed additionally to livery fees.

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Why send your mare to us for AI? 

  • Expert reproductive veterinarians regularily on site
  • No Visit Fees for routine Veterinary work
  • Shipped semen can only be recieved Tuesday - Saturday but we can inseminate onsite 7days a week
  • We are passionate about getting your mare in foal
  • Less time consuming for the mare owner.
  • Our Exceptional Success rates speak for themselves.